Winter Amp Trip 2020

Project CONSERVE Scholars in Israel January 2019

In January 2020 an interdisciplinary group of UMD Global STEWARDS program participated in the Winter Amp trip and traveled to Israel and the West Bank. The trip included visits to our partner sites at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, as well as to farms in the West Bank, to learn about FEW nexus issues in these areas. Trip participants learned from our Israeli partners who are world leaders in sustainable, energy-efficient water reuse for food production, and from local off-grid communities in the development of low or no energy water reuse systems for food crop irrigation. The Winter Amp experience also offered an opportunity to broaden cultural and world perspectives, and to improve communication skills through teaching and outreach.

Students from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work also traveled with our group to Israel and the West Bank, thereby fostering a truly interdisciplinary experience. Students also worked on two projects upon our return to the US, providing them with additional research skills and opportunities for publications.

Project CONSERVE Scholars in Israel January 2019 Project CONSERVE Scholars in Israel January 2019



1) During the trip all participants are expected to represent the UMD Global STEWARDS program as professionals involved in research at the FEW nexus. Participants will also be required to post at least one blog post to the Global STEWARDS website about the trip while in Israel.
2) Following the trip, all participants will be expected to do the following:

(i.) Complete a survey about their experiences.
(ii.) Present a joint seminar of their experiences at a Global STEWARDS seminar in spring 2020.
(iii.) Collaborate in writing a 2-3 page summary of their experiences.


Project CONSERVE Scholars in Israel January 2019

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